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Flip Flops

The Flip-Flops of Regional names
Flip-flops, flip flops, slip slaps, thongs (in Australia), pluggers, double pluggers, toesies, jandals or slippers are an open type of outdoor footwear, consisting of a flat sole held loosely on the foot by a Y-shaped strap, like a thin thong, that passes between the first (big) and second toes and around either side of the foot. Unlike sandals, flip-flops do not secure the ankle.
Flip-flops are also known as jandals in New Zealand, infradito (between-toes) in Italy, chappal, Hawaii chappal, Qainchi (scissor-like) chappals in India and Pakistan, thongs in Australia, France and Canada, slip-slops (or just slops) in South Africa, go-aheads in the South Pacific, ojotas or chancletas in Argentina,chanclas in Spain, sereppu (සෙරෙප්පු) in Sri Lanka, chancletas or sandalias in Mexico, Central America and South America, japanke (lit. Japanese) in Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, japonki (lit. Japanese [women]) in Poland, вьетнамки / v'yetnamki (lit. Vietnamese) in Russia, chinelos in Brazil, kafkafim (כפכפים) in Israel, sayonares in Greece, tsokara in Greek Cyprus, vietnámi papucs (lit. Vietnamese slippers) in Hungary, žabky (lit. small frogs) in Czech and tsinelas or chinelas in the Philippines. In Hawaii, the Philippines, and several other places around the world, they are called "slippers". Flip-Flops in china called "ren zi tuo"


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